Sandwich Robot, Etchasketch, Scratch Polygons and Snowflakes

Here I outline how we have used a variety of resources to increase our Year 7 students’ understanding of sequencing and use of loops – as well as having fun and engaging with their learning.

Having reviewed our baseline test at the beginning of Year 7, our Year 7s showed better than expected eSafety, better Scratch understanding, but poorer computing programming and sequencing skills.  I looked at several resources online and have used Phil Bagge’s Jam Sandwich making RobotStephen Howell’s Scratch Shape Drawing Activity for CoderDojo; Simon Haughton’s Etch-a-Sketch; and Barefoot Computing’s Crystal Flowers (pdf download) to create the following resources:

“Scratch Shapes” scheme of learning – jam sandwich making robot and Scratch Polygons and nested loops More