Gr8 Computer Science Teaching Ideas Number 02: Packet Tracer by Cisco and Duncan Maidens

This is the second blogpost in a series for the Facebook group Gr8 Computer Science Teaching Ideas.

Thanks to everyone who joined in to discuss PRIMM ideas.  I am also indebted to last year’s CAS North East to be able to listen to Duncan introduce Cisco packet tracer:

A screenshot of Cisco’s Packet Tracer

My Y12s have worked through both courses and I am able to suggest how I will be splitting up the content for Key Stages 3,4 and 5 in the future. 

If you are reading this as part of the Facebook post, I am very pleased to inform you that Duncan has joined the group, and I am sure will be able to answer any questions in the next couple of weeks.  if he is reading this, then I would like to thank him for all his efforts in providing a great resource and saving me a great deal of time. 

***Please click here for the google doc explaining about joining and the courses and resources available***.