#CompSci Pedagogy and #CASResearch

This is my page for developing #CompSci Pedagogy and #CASResearch.

Following an inspiring session at CAS North East (June 2016) – thank you Laura Heels – and with encouragement from Sue Sentance – I am investigating two aspects of research.
Firstly, pedagogy, which I understand as the craft of teaching, and will be my exploring more effective ways of teaching and learning Computer Science.
Secondly,  understanding gender differences in learning Computer Science.
Update Nov 2016:  I have now added “Misconceptions in Learning Computer Science” as a third aspect.

I have started teaching the Eduqas 9_1 syllabus in September 2016 to a group of 22 Year 10 students, including 5 girls.  I am also teaching a second group of students from out neighbouring schools in evening tutorial sessions.  I am using these opportunities to develop both techniques and resources and subsequently improve both my teaching and the learning of my students as a result.   In the wider scheme of things, I hope that my small attempts to combine teaching and learning with research findings will be useful for others as we try to improve the provision of CS teaching and the take-up of CS at Universities by more students and a great number of girls.

Update Oct 2016: As part of becoming a CAS Master Teacher, Chris Power of The CAS Regional Centre for Yorkshire and the Humber has arranged for us to be affiliated to the Computer Science Department including membership of the library and giving us access most importantly to journals.

Article 1: Lost In Translation “Gender and High School Computer Science” – Goode J, Estrella R, & Margolis J – 2006

Article 2:  Now what? Action items from social science research to bridge the gender gap in computing research – Stout-Camp-2015

Other sources:
Introduction from Sue Sentance – “It was good to talk to you about CAS and pedagogy etc too! The slides I was talking about are here and the CAS TV interview about research in computer science education is here with links to sources here. If you are interested in joining the CAS Research group [computingatschool.org.uk/research]the information is here.  I also wrote a paper about pedagogy which is summarised here.

1. Links for more effective ways of teaching and learning Computer Science:
Cas research session 4 2016 – slide 4
Link to Tracs example http://trace.dcs.gla.ac.uk/materials-structured-tracs-livecode/

2. Understanding gender differences in learning Computer Science:
Student Perceptions of Computing across all key stages and how these differ by Gender – first #casresearch action research projects.
Broadening the Appeal of Computing Science
– 6/12/2016 – A really broad and useful blogpost by Peter Donaldson.  @MattersOfCS
Why Girls need to study Computing… CAS Oct 18 2016

3. Misconceptions in Learning Computer Science:
Cas research session 4 2016 – slide 5
What are the misconceptions? CAS Community – 18-10-2016
Using Quantum to analyse misconceptions – CAS Community – 16-10-2016