This is a diary of all my posts about Digital Leaders.  This now superceded by the Digital Leader Roadmap.


  1. Digital Leaders – a few students who help out or a great strategy to improve your school’s computing and ICT as well as develop your young people?
  2. Digital Leaders – this year’s plan – Fully Qualified Digital Leaders


Third Year / Second Year DL’ blogposts / First Year DL’ blogposts / Overview/ Useful Links

Please go to https://www.makewav.es/digitalleaders

2013-14 Digital Leaders’ Current progess

  1. Offer for Digital Leader Coordinators / DL schools
  2. Introduction to Makewaves
  3. Thoughts on a National Digital Leaders’ Network using MakeWaves
  4. Thoughts on Badges for Digital Leaders /and more general musings
  5. Proposed Structure for Digital Leaders Network Project using Makewaves
  6. Setting up your Makewaves Digital Leaders’ Site
  7. Story Criteria For Basic And Multimedia Stories
  8. Developing your Digital Leaders’ Makewaves Site
  9. suggested iRig microphone for iOS OR android devices – ideal for interview stories (Thanks to Daniel M from Makewaves) and foldable microphone stand.
  10. Mozfest 2013
  11. eLearn, We Learn Conference – North Yorkshire 7th November 2013
  12. Example DLs permission Form suitable for Web and Makewaves Social Media Platform
  13. Digital Leader Badge design framework  and Detailed summary of first 3 DL badges
  14. NYorksDLsNewsletter01_Jan2014.pdf
  15. BETT14 “Making the most of your Digital Leaders” Friday 24th January 2014
  16. BETT14 “Developing Young People as well as the Technology” Friday 24th January 2014
  17. Mind the Gap – we need a Broad and Balanced Computing Curriculum
  18. Developing and Implementing Digital Leaders – Presentation at Leicester Jan 2014
  19. Digital Leader Briefing Sheet
  20. Proposals for Digital Leader Badges
  21. Creating a shared Digital Leader Framework including Missions and Badges
  22. Final Badges completed and Reporter Missions are live …
  23. Using AppFurnace
  24. #SSATACH14 Delivering the Computing Curriculum with Digital Leaders and Open Badges
  25. Launch of Digital Leader Open Badges – #DLBadges
  26. Y7 Digital Leaders are welcomed by PCJS Digital Leaders

Diary 2013-14
October 7th,10th – Y10DL Assemblies to Y7,8,9
October 26th – CSH Talks at Mozfest
November 7th – Y7DLs and Y10DLs talks at N Yorks eLearn, We Learn.
January 14th Stone Round Table Talks – pics, computerworlduk, Education Technology01,

Quote 21st January Daily Telegraph>Technology Article –

“I have come around to the idea that I am happy for a third of my curriculum to be computer science, but I have a fantastic curriculum which we’ve already built up at Key Stage 3, which is very much about the creative curriculum,” said Chris Sharples, ICT teacher at Lady Lumley’s School in North Yorkshire.

“If you look at the programme of study, one of the big problems is the fact that you’ve got these bullet points, which are nearly all about computer science. If you do it by number of bullet points you would think that three quarters of the curriculum is computer science, and as far as I’m aware that is not what’s intended.”

January 24th – LLSDls at BETT14
Tuesday January 28th –  Presentation at Leicester Jan 2014
Monday February 17th – Work with Paul Scott, Curriculum Innovation, Bradford
Tuesday February 25th – N Yorks ICT Network meeting
Tuesday March 4th a.m. – N Yorks Digital Leader Coordinators’ meeting


2012-13 Second Year’s Digital Leaders’Blogposts

  1. Thoughts for LLS DLs at the beginning of the year 2012-13
  2. LLS Digital Leaders Case Study v1.pdf
  3. Flowchart to show getting started with Secondary Digital Leaders
  4. pdf showing linking up KS3 DLs, KS4 DLs and Teachers
  5. Half term review October 2012
  6. DLs blog with Arras theme and Rolescoper
  7. The Vision: Part 1 – groups of DLs sharing ideas with Teachers
  8. The Vision: Part 2 – DLs working collaboratively with Teachers
  9. Digital Leaders Badges 1 – 11th December 2012
  10. BETT13 – Developing Secondary Digital Leaders (SDLs)
  11. LLS DLS’ video 2nd year
  12. Work in Progress – LLS SDLs designing Digital Badges for Badgeathon 17th January
  13. North Yorkshire Digital Leaders’ Conference – #DLNY13 – 21st June 2013


2011-12 First Year’s Digital Leaders’ Blogposts

  1. Assembly Prezi for all Year 9s and an adaptation by @LizSaddler
  2. Digital Leaders at LLS – Introduction and competition resultsdetailed glogster results
  3. Reflections by DLs on personal skills needed and technical skills needed
  4. Training by DLs and reflections on what makes a good Prezi
  5. DL Meetings 1-5
  6. DL Meetings 6-7 inc Prezi Training
  7. Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 8-12 inc Paint.net training
  8. Other good practice – Longfield School / Ben Solly
  9. Reflections so far / Next Steps
  10. Mike Hall’s Talk on University ICT and Work Placement
  11. Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 13-14
  12. Digital Leaders – Starting to evaluate Tablets at LLS
  13. Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 15 – inc new DLs blog / whole year 9 training on paint.net
  14. Digital Leaders at LLS Meetings 16,17 Year 9 Paint.net training and Event Planning
  15. LLS DLs’ Presentation to SLT – Weds 25th March
  16. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 18, 27th April 2012 Setting up Edmodo
  17. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 19, 3rd May 2012 Flash training / Subject pairing up and Edmodo collaboration with Bedale/
  18. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 20, 10th May 2012 (20 attended) Edmodo Comp results / BIG projects
  19. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 21, 17th May 2012 (19 attended) Pairing up with subjects
  20. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 22, 24th May 2012 (19 attended) Y8 assembly / Various
  21. LLS Y8 Digital Leaders Meeting 01, 30th May 2012 (26 attended) – Prezi Training for competition
  22. LLS Y9 Digital Leaders Meeting 23, 31st May 2012 (16 attended) Link teachers and visit from KJS
  23. LLS Y8 Digital Leaders Meeting 02, 12th June 2012 (26 attended)
  24. LLS Y9 Digital Leaders Meeting 24, 14th June 2012 (19 attended + 1 holiday) inc visit from Bedale HS
  25. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 25, 21st June 2012 (13 attended + 3 trip)
  26. Teach the Teachers Meet June 28th 2012 and Meeting 26
  27. LLS DLS’s blog Teach the Teacher’s Meet – 28th June 2012
  28. LLS DLS’s blog National Digital Leaders Conference @Microsoft Headquarters – 2nd July 2012
  29. LLS DLs’ Video First Year (used at the Microsoft Conference)
  30. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 27, 5th July 2012
  31. 6th Form DLs “ICT Wiki in a day” – Wednesday 11th July 2012
  32. LLS DLS’s blog LLS Y8 DLs’ Prezi Competition July 2012
  33. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 03/19th June, 04/3rd July, 05/17th July (now with 30 DLs)
  34. LLS Digital Leaders Meeting 28/17th July (20 attended)


Overview of first year:
At the end of the summer term 2011 we started out on a programme to develop digital leaders at Lady Lumley’s School. For several years I had been aware of the SSAT work building on ideas from Kristian Still. Meeting Paul Hynes again at the North Yorkshire Education Conference in July 2011 gave me the extra impetus and I used Paul’s Prezi on Digital Technologies to engage with the wider program when I introduced this to Year 9s.

I picture us as living in a new digital landscape, and concepts of leaders helping others to navigate fits well with DofE, and working with small teams on skill-based activities fits well with Sports Leaders – see Assembly Prezi.  I have colleagues who ensure both of these programs are a strength at Lady Lumley’s and they have been encouraging with the links between programs. The challenge is doing it as a blend of face-to-face and digitally.

The work with Year 9 Digital Leaders this year is part of a three pronged e-learning strategy, combining with individual and Department use of ICT tools for teaching and learning. We chose year 9 to prototype digital leadership as both full-time ICT teachers teach all of year 9 and we can easily integrate what the students do with ICT lessons and other subjects. The aim is to increase capacity for understanding the use of ICT tools for effective learning, evaluate as we go, and use this to inform a major push with departments to use Digital Technologies and our Fronter VLE more fully. I am hoping that this will give a useful push for use of ICT at KS3 and KS4 next year.

I am now meeting KS3 DLs every Tuesday Tutor for 15 minutes;  KS4 DLs every Thursday Tutor for 15 minutes; and usually fortnightly Tuesday lunchtimes for us to work together on projects or training.  They do a lot of work in between times and have proved adept at adapting whatever we are doing to their current learning needs.  We regularly keep in touch on Edmodo now as well.

Initial ideas have developed but are still based on:

  • the aspirational plan of at least two digital leaders per Y9 class has been exceeded [update July 2012: we have 21 regular Year 9 and 30 Y8 DLs]
  • reflective leadership skills (with inspiration from Sports Leaders and Duke of Edinborough)
  • working together collaboratively and networking effectively
  • collaboration on all projects using the school VLE and publicly on www.gr8ict.com
  • working with teachers to encourage use of Digital Technologies
  • keeping online evidence

These are my regularly updated reflections for setting up and running Digital Leaders (thanks to @rickbarnes for collaboration)

  • It’s as much about leadership and team work as the digital part
  • Try to get at least two Dls in each ICT group and each tutor group – you will lose some due to them realising hard work and commitment is needed – let them go easily and they may come back!
  • Weekly meetings are essential (preferably at tutor time so any can attend), with lunchtimes (keep records of attendance) for ‘doing stuff together’ (feeling ‘special’ with lunch passes)
  • Competitions help with motivation – as do prizes of Amazon tokens!
  • Friendship groups are key drivers – both positive and are often behind reasons for dropping out
  • It’s as much about project management as ICT
  • It’s about capacity building to help busy colleagues
  • It’s about capacity building for yourself – you can pass on loads of really useful jobs to your DLs
  • Mixed year groups give both sustainability and opportunities for special interest groups eg graphic design across year groups
  • BEST encouragement comes from DLs in higher year groups working with younger students
  • Networking – DLs having their own blogging platform; using Edmodo and the Digital Leaders Network
  • Networking – teachers share ideas and support each other through NYorks initiative and through twitter #dlchat
  • Greatest Impact (but hardest to achieve) is DLs working with subject colleagues
  • Confidence building comes from working together and presenting together

Please contact if elaboration required…


Useful Links:

Please go to https://www.makewav.es/digitalleaders

I am currently working locally with:
Susan Welch – Richmond Methodist Primary School
Julie Gow – Pickering Community Primary School
Sue Brooks – Dishforth CE Primary School
Andrea Charlton – Roseberry Primary School
Sally Nolan – Pindar School (Secondary)
James Hamer/Carole Walton – King James School, Knaresborough (Secondary)
Andrea Charlton – Roseberry Primary School
Angela Parry – Aspin Park Primary School
Vicky Holland – Selby Primary School
Kate Hayes – Water Street Primary School, Skipton
George Tyson – 0-19 Education Development Adviser Modern Technologies, NYCC
Jon Farley – 0-19 Education Development Adviser Modern Technologies, NYCC

as well as all DL Coordinators on #dlchat (Twitter 9-9.30 Thursdays)

If any more North Yorkshire Schools would like to get in touch then pls contact me via North Yorkshire ICT in Education and info here.

Extended thinking:
More and more education leaders seem to be thinking the same way:
Sir Ken RobinsonLWF 12 – Feb 2012
Alan November‘s keynote at The Schools Network National Conference – Feb 2012



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