We believe a DL needs these personal skills

I think an inspiring Digital Leader needs to be able to solve problems and not give up just because something doesn’t work first time. This is because things often go wrong with software and computers, and you need to believe that you will achieve what you set out out to do

So that when you present to the class you have all your information organsied so that people understand it and learn from it, also that you know what to say and aren’t stop starting.

I think an inspiring Digital Leader needs to be confident, so if you present or teach something to others, you need to show it in a way that everyone understands. You should’t just hide away.

I think a digital leader needs to be Flexible by being able to look at all aspects of new software not just aspects you are interested in and being able to compromise.

I think to be a good digital leader you need to know your way with software and other gadgets on computers, so if you have spare time on your computer. Explore. For example i found out that on the game mine sweeper if theres a number then thats how many bombs there are around it.

I agree with Will. i think you should be able to talk to people with out being shy.

i think you should be confident and organised so that you know what to do and be able to present it infront of the class. I also agree with louise and will

i agree with kyle about the fact that digital leader has to be confident and organised like a teacher is

I agree with Will that Digital Leaders need to be confident and not hide away.

a digital leader needs to be able to talk/ lead or teach with ease

i agree with everyone confidence is a key skill

be able to adapt to new softwares/updates quickly and help others do so

want to find better/more efficient ways of doing things- prezi rather than powerpoint

I think that you have to be confident so you can share your idears to the class

A digital leader needs to be enthusiastic about ICT, so they will really throw themself into it. I also agree with everyone else, you must be confident so you are able to present your ideas to your peers.

I agree with Rosie, I think that if you have a positive outlook on the work we do in Digital Leaders then you will be able to achieve a lot more.

I also agree with everyone on a key skill, being Confident.
I am hoping to gain more and more Confidence by being a Digital Leader.
I think this will help when sharing ideas to the class or just giving a presentation. [;)]

I also agree with rosie. you need a kot of enthusiasem and confidence

I agree fully that you need confidence, enthusiasm and problem solving skills. This is a fantastic opportunity to build up your own confidence when talking/presenting to a group of people- a valuable skill to have. This is all part of communication, which is for me the key skill. A good digital leader should be able to communicate their ideas to different groups with different needs. Well done everyone- a fantastic effort so far.

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