We believe a DL needs to develop these technical skills

An inspiring Digital Leader needs to develop these technical skills…

I think an inspiring Digital Leader needs to be able to have good research skills when browsing the web. You need to be able to find things quickly and easily. You need to be able to remember where you have been, and save text and pictures for use later. These links should be available for you anytime you surf the web.

keen to try out and use new software. keen to learn how use it e.g. glogster and wordle

I agree with Beth. A Digital Leader should be keen to use new software. You should know what program to use for different tasks. For example, if you are doing at task which includes making a website, you could use Mediator.

I think as a technical skill it is important to know how to change files/ export as a different type so they work on all computers when you are presenting and it looks more professional.[:D]

If you want to find something on the web, you need to have the skills to find it. On google you can use advanced search, fill in the required fields and you will be able to find what your looking for quicker. 🙂

i think we should be there in classes to show some of the teachers what to do and to show them the new programs we learn so they are familier with them.

Let’s work towards thsi later this year then. Suggest a bit of practice with each other first. – Mr S

a digital leader needs to adapt to advances in technology or changes/updates in software- like the new fronter.

you have to be keen to try new software out e.g. Wordle, Glogster and prezi

You must be able to use the internet to find what you need (eg. pictures, videos or perhaps downloads for new software).

I also think one of the main skills a Digital Leader should have is to be able to use the internet affectively and to make use of the search engines available such as google or bing.

To be a good digital leader you need to be able to find anwsers to questions. use websites such as wikianwsers or to find websites use search engines such as ask jeeves but then you need to know that the quality of the information is accurate so maybe something about ratings to tell you how good the quality is.

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