What are we looking for in a good Prezi presentation

What are we looking for in a good Prezi presentation (and what makes it better than a Powerpoint?)

…take into consideration the purpose of the presentaion and who it is aimed at – therefore changing the design and layout to suit the audience.

For example, when you are showing a presentation to a young audience, it needs to keep them engaged, interactive and consentrating. Therefore Prezi’s are a good way to do this, (unlike Powerpoint) as it can twist and turn to reach the text. The design and layout also needs to keep the children consentrating on the presentation. Making the text and background bright and colourful will entice them to read the text.

i agree with will because it should suit your target auidience for instance; colourful for children, informatic for buisnessman ect.


more colours
more versitile
you don’t know whats next
more interactive
it’s not linear

If my target audience were young children, i would want my design and layout to be colourful and fun to keep them focused so they are learning without even realising. [:star:]

prezis are better than powerpoints becausethey are more engaging and keep u focused


you dont know whats gonna happen nxt

its unpredictable its more engaging its not linear like a opowerpoint


Its all about why you should use Prezi and not Powerpoint

french prezi http://prezi.com/wq9wmn3kxydb/french/

a prezi is better than a power point because you can look at the presentation in any order where as with a power point you have to look at in a certain order.

it should include V.I.S.T.A

you can lay it out how ever you want


It’s about a man called Eudoxus of Cnidus.


Audience and Purpose: It intrests younger people aswell as older people which means than prezi is good for all ages

Design: Prezis are interesting to watch

Layout: it has lots of space and is colourful

Engaging for the Audience:


Electricity Prezi


Audience and Purpose: Any audience, but content must be adapted. Purpose to inform.

Design: Zooms in and out, bright, colourful.

Layout: Zooms in and out, not linear.

Engaging for the Audience: Can be moved about.


Audience and Purpose: This prezi is for anyone because it has a neutral colour scheme and layout, plus questions that everyone can answer.

Design: The design is good as it is exciting and clear, it also has clear titles, questions and answers.

Layout: The layout is spacious and structured; there are questions in different spaces to keep the Prezi easy to understand.

Engaging for the Audience: This Prezi is engaging for the audience as it contains pictures and ranging questions for the audience to answer. Also, the Prezi goes in all different directions to keep the audience interested.

the Boy in the striped pyjamas- Working Progress- http://prezi.com/h8dv25ihcd5u/prezi/

a prezi should include V.I.S.T.A .

you can design it how you want.A prezi is all over the place which keeps the watcher intrigued unlike a powerpoint which is ok but is linear which can make the watcher bored.

Prezi’s i think can be aimed at any age it just depends on the content you put in.



To make a good prezi you need to have a range of different things on it. For example you could use VISTA to help you put videos, images, sound and text onto your prezi. I have mentioned this on my Prezi.:)


To make a good prezi I think you need a range of things, for example use V.I.S.T.A, even though my prezi only has 2 of these 😛

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