EDUQAS Computer Science 9_1 GCSE

If you would like help and support teaching Eduqas 9_1 Computer Science then:

1.  there is a Facebook group here: Teachers of Eduqas GCSE 9_1 Computer Science.
2. Since September 2015 we have run a Teacher Support Group (TSG) with termly meetings listed here.  We have built up a variety of resources listed below.   If meetings peter out, we will continue to add from the Facebook links.  Anyone who comes to any meeting has free, permanent access, and other colleagues can access these resources for a one off payment of £50 please use this booking form or ask any questions using this contact form.
– Chris Sharples March 2017

Why Eduqas 9_1 Computer Science?
Our choice at Lady Lumley’s School is based on what is best for the students and our view this is the EDUQAS version (English accredited WJEC) as it has a practical exam for the component 2 unit on Computational Thinking.   I also like the slightly more traditional approach in the sequencing of topics, and unlike some, I think a second language (Java through Greenfoot) is useful for the students.  There is also a positive marking policy which is very fair to the students.

Upcoming dates:

Next TSG16/17_3: Meeting Weds 14th June 2017 – location: Malton School

Python Boot Camp 18-20th July 2017

Greenfoot Boot Camp 3rd-4th July 2017


Eduqas 9_1 resources: Latest resources at the top
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(unlocked ones in
 Descriptions (links in italics)
Published 9_1 NEA Our first TSG of 2017-18 will be in September 2017  to work through the published 9_1 NEA together.  Any materials / code will be shared here (protected #obviously).
Component 3 exemplar  I have an A-grade, agreed mark, Component 3 exemplar for the next TSG meeting.  This will be available for 14th June 2107
Summary of all previous WJEC legacy papers and 9_1 SAMs This folder @Previous Papers has all previous papers 2014-17 Legacy and 2018 SAMS all sorted and including answers. This summary lists all questions in all papers including Component 3 Python descriptions and the new SAMs, Welsh and English.
Greenfoot training materials from TSG5 Bespoke Greenfoot slides (33) integrating knowledge of Java with the required Greenfoot tutorials including exemplar code for all the tutorials and a discussion of the technocamp solution (which has an error) and the Eduqas solution for counters. Also  Unit 2 2015 Task 3 – 34 slides going through 2015 Component 2 Greenfoot IceBreaker to share with students.
NEA advice Latest NEA advice from Andy Parker, Eduqas Computer Science Subject Officer (Jan 17-). And Eduqas info on managing non-examination assessment for GCSE (9-1) Computer Science (first teaching September 2016).
Protocols for NEA are listed syllabus p.16-21 inc supervision, help, and libraries.  
Little Man Computer resources  Little Man Computer two lesson Scheme of Learning with introductory Powerpoint (originally from CAS London), differentiated tasks (originally from Mark Clarkson), and 3 exemplar youtube videos (made by csh).  Includes Pete Dring’s Assembly language Tank game.
Component 3 resources   Component 3 links to detailed slides for learning python for Component 3
9_1 grade boundaries 9_1 grade boundaries for theory based on 2016 WJEC exam
My list of resources Here is my EduqasStudentTheoryResources linking to text book, MOOC and BBC resources.  I am using PGOnline AQA resources and their AQA textbook which are both password protected.
Detailed syllabus and teacher guidance.

Main Resource Directory (shared with TSG members)

Here is an online version of the combined online Eduqas Syllabus and Teacher Guidance which may be downloaded and copied.

This version is kept updated with resources.

Proposed Y10 schedule from Phil Brown Phil’s suggested Y10 schedule of Theory and Component 2 and 3.  Both Phil and I are working to cover all the theory once by the end of the year, then concentrate on revisiting the harder parts in Y11.
Eduqas resources Link to GCSE Computer Science Specification and Guidance for teaching,  and course materials ( inc. full written resource for the whole syllabus)
 Introduction to course  Notes from visit by Ian Gillam, Eduqas Computer Science Subject Officer
Choosing Eduqas 9_1 Computer Science GCSE Pete Dring’s analysis of all 4 exam board draft specs.


Link to Minutes from TSG16/17_2: Weds 1st March 2017 – Nick Field, CAS MT – Training on Greenfoot – resources above.
Link to Minutes from TSG16/17_1: Weds 5th October 2016 – Chris Sharples – Training on LMC – resources above
Link to Minutes from TSG 3: Weds 22nd June 2016  – Phil Brown, teacher of current WJEC legacy
Link to Minutes from TSG 2: Weds 24th February 2016  – Ian Gillam, Eduqas Computer Science Subject Officer
Link to Minutes from TSG 1: Weds 14th October 2015 – Steve Kenny, Qualifications Manager AQA

I’m also advocating better Computer Science teaching and learning – please see my Computer Science GCSE Blog  for techniques and resources.  Also Inspiration for #CompSci: Videos, Articles and Books.

KS3 Resources:

Python Challenges –
KS3 Network unit from Gary Scott
KS3 Scratch Maths




EDUQAS GCSE (9-1) Computer Science Specification