EDUQAS Computer Science 9_1 GCSE

Our choice at Lady Lumley’s School is based on what is best for the students and our view this is the EDUQAS version (English accredited WJEC) as it has a practical exam for the component 2 unit on Computational Thinking.   I also like the slightly more traditional approach in the sequencing of topics, and unlike some, I think a second language (Java through Greenfoot) is useful for the students – if only to see languages other than Python can be complicated.   A number of other colleagues in North Yorkshire schools have chosen to do the same and we are meeting every term to share ideas and resources.  You are welcome to join in – please contact me @gr8ict on twitter or using this contact form.

Here is a suggested schedule from Phil Brown, experienced with pre 9_1 WJEC Computer Science GCSE with my changes for Lady Lumley’s School.  Schedule here.  Both Phil and I are working to cover all the theory once by the end of the year, then concentrate on revisiting the harder parts in Y11.

I’m also advocating better Computer Science teaching and learning – please see my Computer Science GCSE Blog  for techniques and resources.  Also Inspiration for #CompSci: Videos, Articles and Books.

Managing non-examination assessment for GCSE (9-1) Computer Science (first teaching September 2016).  Update from Eduqas here.  Summary of previous Eduqas exams here.

Updated resources:

Here is a combined online Eduqas Syllabus and Teacher Guidance version.  You are welcome to access / download it.

Here is my EduqasStudentTheoryResources linking to text book, MOOC and BBC resources.  I am using PGOnline AQA resources and their AQA textbook which are both password protected.  (Rob Heathcote is intending to bring out Edquas branded resources next year – This is now confirmed 21-02-17).

All my resources are linked off the Resources doc, including many videos, but here is a (reasonably) up-to-date list for easy access:

Little Man Computer Resources here – detailed tasks with you tube solutions made by me with other credits included.  Includes Pete Dring’s Assembly language Tank game. 

Component 3 – Non Examined Assessment Resources



For planning, the closest spec to Eduqas is AQA computer-science-8520.  I am using PGOnline AQA computer-science-8520 resources and the differences are shown in red on the EduqasStudentTheoryResources.

Year 9 presentation to Y9 Parents and students March 2016.

EDUQAS GCSE (9-1) Computer Science Specification



Resources booklet – 

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