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Computer science is changing everything by

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“Code Stars”:

Teach girls bravery, not perfection | Reshma Saujani

Rethink before you type | Trisha Prabhu | TEDxTeen

Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores – Sal Khan of Khan Academy:

Code is language, we should teach it that way. | Tim Mask | TEDxAntioch

Coding is the universal language (3m59).  Are we moving the right way (5m50).  Artificial wall between technical and creative.  

Computer science education: why does it suck so much and what if it didn’t? | Ashley Gavin

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#Inspiration for CompSci: Articles

Girls into Stem:

STEM as I see it – Amy Mather

Coding is for Everyone – @MrHeadComputing

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#Inspiration for #CompSci: Books  – Links with more info here…

Computer Science: An Overview
I wanted a first year university text to improve my subject knowledge. I am really pleased with this book, as it’s for both computer science students and from other disciplines to learn about the detail and breadth of computer science.

Python, PyGame and Raspberry Pi Game Development Paperback – (Sloan Kelly – 10 Jan 2017)

I wanted an ‘inside track’ for pygame and this also has some great extra information about python and Raspberry Pi’s. Recommended.

The Talent Code: Greatness isn’t born. It’s grown

Chris Roffey’s Python Coding Books:

“Here be Dragons” by Chris Leach

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