Maintenance Software

Key ways of keeping your computer secure:

1. FirewallFree

2. Antivirus Software – Free

3. Switch on Windows update.

4. Internet Browser – Firefox with “No script” – Free

5. Back up every week – SyncBack synchronisation softwareFree – use with external hard drive


Acronis True Image 9 – Disk Imaging Software
File Renamer
– Free
File and Information Manager
– Free
Keepass Free – password encrypting software
Networking PCs to share Internet Access

Spyware Cleaner – Various
– Free


Making sure your computer is secure when using the Internet is not simple to do yourself, so your need to either

  • pay for a solution that is easy to run yourself
  • invest time and effort learning how to do it yourself using free software – see below
  • or take advantage of the talented youngsters around and have them do it for you…

Simplest solution

  1. If you buy a new PC, make sure it has the latest version of Windows and make sure it has the latest  service pack installed and that Windows Update is enabled Perhaps invest in a second hard drive so that you can easily keep back up copies of valuable files.
  2. Use a simple all in one-solution, called a Security Suite, that includes a firewall and antivirus software. When you pay for this, you get upgrades for the next year, and you can then pay a subscription to keep the updates running after that. Warning: Just running a security suite without keeping Windows up-to-date may not work – Years ago I suffered spyware on my machine despite having Windows XP and updated Norton Firewall and AntiVirus.
  3. Always keep any files you may want to use again backed up safely onto CD, DVD or an external hard-drive.

For Users who are confident with downloading and installing software from the web

  1. Install and use all the recommended security software on this page. All the recommendations are the software that I currently. They’re free and they work!
  2. Backup Data AND your main disc drive. Back up date using SyncBack every week onto a separate Hard Drive. Use disc imaging software such as Acronis True Image 9 to backup a copy of your main hard drive, and create a bootable CD. If your hard drive breaks, you can buy a new hard drive, install it, boot up on the CD, then copy the old image onto it. Your computer will then work as it was within maybe 15 minutes. Think of the hours to reload the entire operating system!!!!
  3. Keep up-to-date with the latest news at
  4. Use this Password Encrypter to remember all your logons.
  5. Network more than one PC to share an internet connection:

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