Firewalls – Various

Use – firewall
Cost – Free
Means that you can control incoming and outgoing contact with the internet to avoid hackers and spyware causing you problems.

Useful Downloads:

ONLY USE ONE FIREWALL – Test with shields up

Windows XP

  1. You could use windows XP firewall (but this only stops incoming not outgoing connections);
  2. Better still (the solution I use with XP) is to download Kerio Personal Firewall 2 here and then this configuration file. Install KPF2, then click File / admin / Misc open up the admin panel -> miscellaneous -> Load and select this file. Thanks to MB for this! Check you are fully secure by going to shields up.

Windows Vista
Use the integrated firewall

Windows 7

Everything just got a lot easier – use the integrated firewall

Useful links

Shields up by Steve Gibson – Test your firewall and find out lots more – all you need to know about firewalls. Use Leaktest, Firehole and copycat to test your firewall.

Updated: 28/11/11

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