Use – automatic form filling when surfing the web

Cost – Freeware for 10 or less (unlimited needs pro version, £16 @ 20/01/05)
Roboform enables you to fill in forms on web pages automatically.

As you browse the web, you often have to fill in ‘forms’. This add-on to any browser allows you to set up ‘pass-cards’ for frequently visited web sites. This makes browsing the web much quicker and easier as you can autocomplete usernames and paswords as you browse. You can also set up your identity to quickly fill in personal information when required. All passcards can be protected with a single password.

The author, see developer website, assures that this is not spyware, but it is strongly recommended not to add credit card details to a passcard…

Update – 31-12-04 – Roboform only allows 10 passcards now, before you have to pay.

Update – 20-01-05 – Roboform adaptor for Mozilla firefox now available – Recommended.

I recommend Mozilla Firefox, and then use the Mozilla Roboform version for the 10 websites I log onto most often.

Developer: roboform
Updated: 20/01/05
Helpsheet: N/A

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