Spyware Cleaners – Various

Use – preventing and detecting ‘spyware’ on your computer
Cost – Free
Detects ‘spyware’ on your computer and deletes it. Spyware is software that can install itself when you are browsing the internet, and then automatically connect your computer to sites you may not want.

Useful Downloads:

I recommend this link:


and I recommend the following free spyware cleaner software:

  1. Free – Adaware SE (www.lavasoft.com) and the VX plugin and/or spybot search and destroy.
  2. CCleaner – Temp File/Cookies/index.dat cleaner
  3. Spyware Blaster

For advanced users only, if your computer is infected, investigate http://hijack-this.net/ and use the web forums to help.

Developer: Lavasoft
Updated: 01/01/05
Helpsheet: N/A

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