Music Match Jukebox Plus (MMJ)

Use – Music player and recorder
Cost – £10.75 ($19.99)

The basic player is free, but much better to get the plus version. Brilliant for ripping your music CDs onto your PC; creating playlists; converting between formats wav, mp3 etc; and recording streaming radio where legal.

Essential Downloads:

Powermeter to adjust input levels.

Also, Microsoft monopolising means that MMJ does not convert .wma files. Audio-convertor from does any file conversion including .wma’s to .wav and .mp3. Cost £16.67

Always rip files with Artist / Album / Number / Track to give you flexibility with playlists and MP3 playing.


Use Musicmatch to

  • rip your files from CDs using the online database to automatically name all the tracks (choose recorder -> options -> tracks directory for Artist – Album – Track Name – Track Number)
  • convert to mp3s – compress at 192 kbps (7 times smaller than the original CD .wav)
  • Create tagged ID MP3s to show on your player -> super tagging -> tag from filename
  • create playlists that can be used on your portable player
  • record ANY broadcast music or radio program at CD quality to use when you want
Developer: musicmatch

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