Table Tennis Resources

Table Tennis University –  Table Tennis For Beginners (10 free video lessons) and Basics Mastery (13 free video lessons) – you need to register.

Table Tennis England – The 9 videos in this section have been produced to teach budding table tennis players how to play the key table tennis shots and serves.

Expert Table Tennis – How to Play Table Tennis in 10 Days – Grip / Stance / Footwork / Forehand Drive / Backhand Drive / Backhand Push / Forehand Push / Serve / Return of serve / Match Play.  Loads of other articles here. –  is a set of online coaching videos that will help you improve your technique and overall table tennis game.

HowcastSportsFitnessHow to Play Table Tennis  – 18 videos

Pingskillsmultiple videos


 Table Tennis: Step to Success
(Steps to Success)
 Expert In A Year:
The Ultimate Table Tennis Challenge
– Useful pages of conclusions at the end.