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Blogging and Web 2
Copyright / Ergonomics / Regulations / Useability
DiDA CiDA etc see also Multimedia below
Digital Developments

Fronter at LLS icons
ICT Teaching KS3 / DIDA / AGCE / Future
Interactive Whiteboards
Multimedia Resources
Animation Audio Images Text Video
Multimedia Techniques and Examples
Animation Audio Design Images Multimedia Quizzes Storyboarding Video
Presentations and Visual Literacy
Project Management and Personal Organisation
Resources for T + L
Searching the Web and Google Tips
Tutorials, Troubleshooting and Touch Typing
Wikis and VLEs

School links:

Latest Safety and Cyberbullying Information
Spreadsheets Video Tutorials
Year 10 Access Tutorials

Touch TypingKaz Online

Year 7 Scratch information /

Year 8 Gamemaker Site / Tutorials (UN and PW needed)

Year 9 Event Websites

Y10 and *Y12* Database Work / Good Design Sites

Year 12 Database theory

Y13 Project Management – Introduction

Mr Sharples’ use of ICT

Emerging Technologies:

Mind Maps on New Technologies

LotHT Arabic
LotHT Dutch
LotHT Tanzanian


This page is intended to give useful links for school staff and students.
When possible, sites with * or ** are recommended/highly recommended.
Please give any feedback or other suggestions for useful links to

Chris Sharples 28/06/2008

Blogging and Web 2 Developments

General information

Web 2.0
VLE tiddlywiki – click here
Student Blogs
Teacher Blogs
Example blogs
** of examples blog
Moodle discussion

Custom home pages etc for a customisable homepage and add content eg. widgits and feeds.  Sign in to store your choices.  When its full, add new tabs.

Online office apps – for – for better online office apps

Social networking sites: Learning Landscape for Schools is a safe social networking site set up especially for schools where accounts are created at the request of registered schools ensuring full traceability of all activity be it blog posts, wiki pages, file uploads, etc.
The Future?

RSS readers
** – current RSS reader FREE – using Google Reader – explains why newzie is so good…
** – new open source social network tool software – make simple games


Mobile apps

** NGfL Superhighway Safety site has advice on copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Creativity Is Being Stifled By The Law: Lary Lessig


Comprehensive guide to website regulations

Education Recording Agency


*** – video tutorials on all aspects

Database coursework hints
*** – especially bookingstock and lending sections
** – Database designs – lots of example relationships for varied scenarios


National data-sets

Useful MS Access websites:
Use Google and search on Access Hints. is full of useful information

Other sites:

Digital Developments

Recommended forums and links: – including latest programmes for streaming and web links – including podcast of digital planet

Examples – general – the clickonline archive – and the webscape links
www.ict-register.netsee what other schools are doing

Emerging Trends – ‘tagging’ multimedia content latest survey into household access to digital technologies e-portfolios
Chris Anderson’s Nokia keynote “Free” Leadbeater: The rise of the amateur professional – Pay attention to the few sentences on education in England (18:30 or so on the time counter)

Creativity Ken Robinson

www.ted.comsharing ideas talks

CPD competencies

The Knowledge Economy

Web 2.0 technologies for learning at KS3 and KS4 – Demos report into young peoples’ attitudes to ICT technologies – Christine Gilbert’s View… (now head of Ofsted…) – Impact 2 2004 – Latest review to include several countries – building schools and learning spaces in the future – how social networks are important for learning – the Byron review due March 08 release of the ASUS sub £200.0 notebooks
The Cathedral and the Bazaar


Finance and Saving Money

Financial Awareness for Young People
Money saving Expert:
Avoid answer messages:

Google Tips

The simple tools:

  1. also
  2. (import existing bookmarks with this ) and
  3. and

Search Engines – click on advanced search – Try Without / Exact Phrase / Date / Specific Domain and Google image size. and – google directory’s pagerank online – list up to 10 urls to get the pagerank of.
Note: you enter an image code to stop machine-use and you must scroll down when you have clicked the button and the page has reloaded to see results. Thanks to AF for this!

“By the way, have you heard of google trends? It lets you type in several searches separated by commas, and will show you on a graph how more common each one is, and when it has been highest and lowest.”

For example if you type “windows vista, linux”, you can see that windows vista searches when very high when it launched in february, with equal numbers of searches to linux, but it quickly got back down again, and you can also see that linux is more searched for. list! – more examples

Google Tips
Customisable pages – explaining the new bbc site

Google Games

ICT Teaching


Preparing for Ofsted

Key Stage 3

Crocodile ICT Demo Videos

Crocodile ICT Demo Tutorial

Year 7 and 8 courses.  Also ppt freebies

Y7.Y8 some Y9 interactive games / starters and plenaries
Notes on QCA Key Stage 3 ICT teachers and stakeholders review meeting.doc

KS3 assessment

New QCA validated course – INGOTS

Year 9

Important Event Management Links
** key documents to start with…  the second one is most useful

Other useful sites
** – key headings to work with
** – more key headings
* – lots of advice events manager profile




Current links all on Fronter

(SPB – September 11 issue / Unit 1: WildCare L2)
(SPB – September 12 issue / Unit 2: Window on My World)

*** – new colour wheel

Moderator’s Toolkit

Information / Advice

Other sites with good links:
London GFL links

Discussion Groups

MSN Discussion Groups
Specialist Schools forum
TES ICT staffroom discussion board – type DiDA as a key word
TES ICT staffroom discussion board

Resources – recommended:

Matchware Openmind / Mediator 9 / Openmind
Birley Community College materials – £250 for very good SoW, ppts and word doc tasks
E-mail Asst Head of Birley Community College, Sheffield
Tutorials – free
Dida Course information and resources
Notre-Dame High School SoW
Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham

Sample Unit 1 Portfolios
MS Word
Making a banner image
Marking your portfolio

Unit 1 – Using ICT – Resources

Advice on importing data to the database and finding the errors
TES database link
NWGL resources
Spreadsheet analysis example based on pilot media spb
For fun
cida surfing link mpeg4

Sample Unit 2 Portfolios

Using MM Dreamweaver

Applied GCE Resources

For Students:
See teacher files on intranet.
Password protected resources for all units at Link to Private Resources Area
year 12 mind maps about emerging technologies

AS UNIT 1 – ICT and Society
AS UNIT 2 – ICT and Organisations videos look at: Cumberland Building Society / Next Generation Leisure / Lakeland Limited
AS UNIT 3 – Data Handling
Databases link
year 12 notes on DFDs and ERDs
year 12 Rydale Sports Centre study tasks.doc
A2 Unit 8 – Project Management
Project Management link
link to Y13 PM SoW
A2 UNIT 10 – Adv. Spreadsheet Design
Adv. Spreadsheet Design link
A2 UNIT 14 – Interactive Multimedia

For Teachers:
Birley Community College materials – £250 for very good SoW, ppts and word doc tasks
E-mail Asst Head of Birley Community College, Sheffield
Elearning tutors provide material for every unit of AGCE
A-level – ICT and Society Video Resource packs
Matchware tutorials – IT Week and Computing are delivered to us free. This was an offer to schools a while back and we have to renew our “subscription” annually. – I also make regular used of The Register with Post 16 students  It has some articles that help; with Unit 1 especially. (The security section also helps with Unit 2.)

AQA student cover sheets
ICT downloads

Future Courses

New KS3
Programme of Study
New Level Descriptors
14-19 Diploma in Information Technology (IT) a Globally Competitive IT Services Industry”.
Functional Skills in ICT

Interactive Whiteboards

53 ideas of things to do with an IWB and research:

Resources includes blockbusters templates


Online Stopwatch/Count-down Timer

Enquiring Minds


ICT Fun – The teaching or learning aspect could be for the students to do an evaluation of these sites using a rubric or proforma

Multimedia Assets and Resources –  Images, Audio, Video and Multimedia (* means best)

Animation Resources:

Hint: Use MS Office and search clipart for animations.

*** -southpark style characters with permission to use freely
**http://www.gifs.netfree animated gifs. Insert them in mediator as a GIF animations.
* animated GIF site
* animations by subject
*http://www.gifanimations.comfree animations by subject
* animations by subject avitars to ‘speak’ your audio – use sparingly…

Audio Resources:

Music Clips
TV theme music  – terms and conditions here

Try googling “sound” with another word eg. “Animal” “Instrument” “Weather”

Text to Speech online recorder

Sound Loops
* – online
super duper music looper – need to record ‘live’ using sound recorder or similar
* – freeware music loops source software to mix music tracks

Sound effects – Backing tracks (6500) for DV presentations can be found on the RBC Audio Network site (you have to connect from school)

Image Resources:

Picture Search Engines

** – allowed for CiDA use. What is really useful is the tagging of the pics so if you don’t initially find what you are looking for just look at the subject tags when you preview a picture and follow them. They have a huge selection of great visual metaphors – search for ‘metaphors’.
** – lots of clipart
* – totally free but currently limited
* – links to free clipart sites BUT no search facilities – you have to zero in in the category that you require
* – OK – avoid search box as this takes you to a pay for clipart site… – poor – no search facilities – you have to zero in in the category that you require – you know it well – but remember, very few of the images you find will be copyright free… do *not* use for CiDA work… – icons

Free Photos** – top rated site – lots of free very high quality photos – e-mail your thanks to the photographer and acknowledge the site
** – top rated site which explains clearly about the different licences available.  Go to the advanced search page, and tick the box to search for photos with a Creative Commons licence.
* top rated site – lots of free high quality photos – just need to join with an e-mail address and acknowledge the site
* – top rated site – All the resources in this Gallery have been provided freely for Educational use only. These ARE NOT copyright free: the copyright in the resource is retained by the resource owner and any commercial use is explicitly excluded.
* – top rated site – very easy to navigate – free for education use – good site – The photos MAY be used freely for personal, educational* and non-profit projects. – good site – Our educational policy is as follows: Students may use our images in their own work. A credit to © Ian Britton – is required. – OK site – Free high resolution images, textures, backgrounds, illustrations, digital art and stock photos for use in both personal and commercial design projects. – mainly science pictures – free for education use – very complicated rights… suggest don’t bother… – but costs… a 2Mb picture royalty free is £60+

Multimedia Resources

Examples of interactive multimedia storybooks:– Space and science related multimedia assets. – Want to add a map? Add information points and routes.  Excellent to demonstrate HTML use to all KS’s.  Just add code to text boxes to change font etc. [From PamCoz on the dida forum]. – Index to all sorts: – Absolutely free backgrounds for web sites – free web design ideas

Text Resources which has a very good resource page for free fonts, embedding web fonts (WEFT) etc – Font SF Cartoonist Hand and SF Cartoonist Hand SC – Font: Lexia Readable is a font specifically designed for good readability without the excessive informality of Comic Sans.

Video Resources – An American site, but all sorts of assets – including old newsreels and 78 records – Moving Image Gateway – Backing tracks (6500) for DV presentations can be found on the RBC Audio Network site (have to connect from school) allows on-line movie editing and includes movies that can be remixed. A lot of the clips are around the 60sec + mark.  Have a go yourself (pupils will like this one). [From PamCoz on the dida forum] – Film archive – but the school has to register. – Oxford Learning Technologies Group – Pathe News link

Multimedia Techniques and Examples- Animation, Audio, Design, Images, Multimedia, Quizzes, Storyboarding and Video (* means best)

Animation Techniques: – tracing outlines – Animation links to do with CiDA but how to draw animations
Flash 4 Tutorials, simple lessons–95710.html–96508.html
Advanced tips Flash 4 example downloads

Animation Examples:
** examples – Look at ‘wrigglers’ on page 2 of the examples ** order flash examples Flash 4 examples – including walking example – templates

Audio Techniques: – How to Increase the Maximum Recording Time in the Sound Recorder Utility
Audacity links

Design Techniques
**Good Design Sites – colour wheel
Recommended books Robin Williams “The Non-Designer’s Design Book” *Robin Williams “Robin Williams Design Workshop” *Robin Williams “The Non-Designer’s Web Design Book” includes this web link: which has a very good resource page for free fonts, embedding web fonts
(WEFT) etc Tutorials:

Image Techniques:
* for Elements 5
* photo-shop elements tutorials – the one stop photo-shop elements website – PS Elements tutorials of photoshop tutorials week photoshop course – Using MM Fireworks to create a banner

Multimedia  Techniques

The two recommended text books for Multimedia (1st year university)
Multimedia, making it work (6th ED.) Tay Vaughan. Dust or Magic, Bob Hughes including first chapter online preface Also
* of good multimedia design
* Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials ideas for navigation of web sites about information structure tips
SIMILE: Studies In Media & Information Literacy Education

Multimedia examples
Using Mediator Examples:

Hot Potatoes from Half-baked software – hot potatoes home page / click on downloads to get version 6 self installer (8.49Mb) – you need to register to create more than 2 questions.  It’s free, but requires an e-mail address to send the password to. – how to write good multiple-choice questions – look for multiple-choice tutorial Mediator 8 from Matchware – videos of techniques
Quiz examples
Phone Bore Green Machine Personality Quiz

* – storyboarding
* – example storyboard
* – using storyboarding cards
* – professional drawn storyvboards introduction to storyboarding

Text Techniques
www.virtuallastchapter.comwhich has a very good resource page for free fonts, embedding web fonts (WEFT) etc

Video Techniques:

***Digital Video [Across the Curriculum]
***Media Production from Windsor Boys School
* – how to shoot better video clips – Camera shots allows on-line movie editing and includes movies that can be remixed. video and online lesson plans click here News link

Video examples
Alan Bennett examples from Apple:
British Pathe projects from all ten English RBCs on the Shapes of Time website at – Visual literacy from Primary schools using the excellent Digital Blue cameras.
Film trailers Star Wars Kid: go to and search for the ‘Star Wars Kid’.  Watch the original, then watch some of the derivatives. [From PamCoz on the dida forum] – using video clips for learning

Website Examples

Presentations and Visual Literacy

Presentation Techniques
* powerpoint tips Multimedia instructional ppts

Presentation Discussion – avoid chart junk, overuse of bulleted lists, reliance on built in animation/templates etc Reynolds fantastic blog on presentation styles. Get loads of ideas from here and pointers to the theories underpinning succesful speaking (eg Richard Mayer’s Multimedia Learning)

Good Presentation examples
(thanks to Naacetalk – Ian Usher, Roger Davies and Martin Owen and the Dec 2007 strand on presentation styles) Lessig talking about creativity CEO Dick Hardt on the need for single digital identity and shamelessly borrowing Lessig’s style
Virtually any talk by Steve Jobs (search the Apple website)
Another absolutely stunning TED presentation where visualising complex information is the subject is by Hans Rosling

Bad Presentation examples
Presentations done by Bill Gates (just search for videos of any of his product launches).

Visual Literacy Alan November’s Internet Grammer out provenance of sites
Diane Lewis Consulting
Mind Mapping links
Mind Mapping links – Buzan
Misinformation sites
Spatial Literacy
Visual Literacy Web Quests

Project Management


Resources – specific – PrinceII wiki – Example online book – Critical Path examples

Resources – general – more Courses from the MIT OCW project – click here – Colombia University site

Project Management Case Study Examples

Association for Project Management

Free software
best first zoho projects
**GanttProject2Free – Project Management

OpenWorkbench – iteamwork – free web based PM software open to all team members with e-mail notification -Collaborative project work Other software
Plan from

Personal Organisation

** – Get Things Done (GTD): Manage what you do, not time, information, or priorities… and buy the book(s) on amazon.
My Notes here and a summary chart here.
Other peoples’ views and tips: – !!

Recommended Books
** Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management (DIT) – Mark Forster’s sensible alternative to GTD
** 7 Habits of Effective People” – Stephen Covey 0-684-85839-8 Outlines the seven habits – particularly good for time management – Notes*
*The Now Habit by Dr Neil Fiore

Resources for Teaching and Learning training for staff
National Education Network
Teachers sharing ideas

Searching the Web

Search Engines – click on advanced search – Try Without / Exact Phrase / Date / Specific Domain and Google image size. and See also Google Tips – offers different categories – Thumbnail Search engine Meta-Crawlers
Finding out about web sites 1. Type links:wwwyourwebsite into google 2. Look for latest date on web pages 3.
UK Further education ICT and research the Internet Tutorial
David Novak approach –
Using the Internet for different subjects
Yahoo Search Marketing
There are four main image search engines: Use any of these for images for use in School:- * – top rated – Use this for finding images which are clearly labelled with their owner – then e-mail the site owner for permission – do NOT use for CiDA work unless you have permission.|pg:1 Other image search engines link to these see -Tutorial about searching for images

The Wayback Engine –

Relational rather than ranking algorithms (Google et al) :


** – video tutorials Excel IF Statements, Part II: Nesting Functions

Tutorials and Troubleshooting If you are able to download podcasts, there are loads of subjects covered which allow you to learn via podcasts and/or linked websites. – choose ICT in Education then Self Tutorials in ICT. Help sheets to suit a teacher wishing to look at just a specific feature of say,PowerPoint, such as custom animation where the teacher doesn’t have the time to devote to following a course. More Tutorials at ** – free office tutorials etc – Basic Computer skills and click the ‘Teaching With ICT’ button. – free computer courses and other language podcasts
http://alison.comfree training resources

Trouble shooting

Touch Typing Free Typing Skills ** *
Recommended to buy

Wikis and VLEs

VLEs – Dan Needlestone’s blog on VLEs,1000000121,39284874,00.htm?user_rating=1 – 5 steps

Year 11 Wikis





pbwiki Help forum Tutorial Wiki styles

This wiki may be of use to you: especially the resources at the end.

I am not a wiki expert but I have done a search on two blogs of America’s two most wired up teachers – it may take you some time to read through all these blog entries but it is highly focused and this shows you the power of using such resources.

Here are some more:

I have a blog too – here are two references to wikis in them:

That last one has a reference and link to a video of Jimmy Wales talking about the founding of Wikipedia.
I know that this is a lot of info to sift through (and watch) but I can’t help you more than that as I am up to deadline on the new Coming of Age booklet about Video as an educational resource.

Level 1 – Out and About (2009 issue)
Level 2 – Out and About (2009 issue)
Out and About Walkthroughs and support notes:

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