Why I think A-Level Computer Science is important to consider for careers in both Computing and other STEM* subjects

I am writing to offer extra information to those of you who have taken GCSE Computer Science and are now working out which A-levels would be most useful to succeed in science, engineering and technology careers.

You need to consider where jobs will be available in the future and what skills and qualifications will enable you to be successful in your choice of career. Computer Science is important in its own right, but also as an enabler for other subjects, especially STEM (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).   These advantages start with A-level, not just at degree level.  This web page – www.gr8computing.com/why-consider-computer-science gives working hyperlinks for the information below. 

Here are links for both general computing careers and 4 different career paths within computing:
Computing Career profiles and videos.
Career Information
Careers posters and flyers
Software development
Game development
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
Cyber security and cryptography

If you agree Computing skills are important, but you are thinking you will leave it until University, then please read here why A-level computing is important for Russell Group Universities.

The degrees that make you rich… and the ones that don’t

Kind regards

Chris Sharples

Head of Computing,

Lady Lumley’s School